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Choosing the Big Men for your move is a great start, now let's get packing!  When it comes to moving, "different customers have different needs".   When it comes to packing your home to move, the same holds true.  We'll walk with you through your home to make sure that you buy only the packing materials you really need!  We can pack all of it, part of it, or just deliver supplies.  Here are a few options:

Same Day Pack & Move - 3 Person Crew

Depending on the size of your particular move, we can generally pack and move jobs as large as a 1 bedroom apartment the same day.

Pack Only, Move Later - 2 or 3 Person Crew

For 2 bedroom apartments and larger, or for people who do not need or want to pack and move the same day.  With larger apartments (2 bedroom or larger) or for full houses, to avoid overtime charges we suggest packing separately before your move day.

Rates for Packing

Packing crew rates are the same as for our moving crews.  Moving supplies are sold separately.  When we pack your belongings, you pay only for the materials you use.  Click 'Rates' on the menu above.

Packing Supplies

We deliver moving supplies within any of our local service areas. 
No delivery charge for supply orders of $50 or more within the San Francisco service area.
No delivery charge for supply orders of $100 or more within the East Bay, San Mateo, or Marin service areas.

Thank you for choosing One Big Man and One Big Truck!

We'll see you on moving day!


Updated:  January 29, 2018