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One Big Man Sells Moving Supplies!

FREE DELIVERY with $100 Minimum Purchase

Call (415) 821-9697

If the supplies are what you need, we have free delivery with a $100 minimum purchase.   Give us a call and we'll set you up.  Below is a list of our supplies and prices.

  Small Box (1.5 cu. ft.) $  2.00 per box
  Medium Box (3.0 cu. ft.) $  4.00 per box
  Mirror Pack Universal (large) $  6.00 per pack
  Unprinted Newspaper $15.00 per 10 pounds
  Glass Kit (12 pieces) $10.00 per kit
  Small Bubble Wrap (24" x 30') $10.00 per pack
  Large Bubble Wrap (24" x 10') $10.00 per pack
  Mattress Bag - Queen or King $10.00 each
  Tape Dispenser $15.00 each
  Tape (clear, 2" x 55') $  1.00 per roll
  If we are loading your rental truck, you may need:
  Wardrobe Box Kit (20" wide) $15.00 per box
  Blanket (heavy duty) $24.00 per pad
  Tie Webbing (2" x 100') $32.00 per roll

Thank you for choosing One Big Man and One Big Truck!

We'll see you on moving day!


Updated:  March 3, 2017